Helen O'Sullivan

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Artist’s Statement


   I am Helen O’ Sullivan and my work is an emotive mix of myth, gender and the politics of being a woman.


  My images express natural woman in an energetic and openly passionate act of imagination that can transport us into the dreamlike act of our own becoming, allowing us to acknowledge our own emotions colour and form; to become one with all of our facets, beauty, vulnerabilities and power. 

   Dare you tread upon the path? No turning back now! You have a hundred thousand women at your back… Dare you dance the dance of life?
  Helen’s work is the story of a soul in flight. She gives form to an instinctive sense of identity rooted in the ancestral memories of her matriarchal lineage in an emotional landscape rich in myth, magic,  fairies and folklore.

  Her work opens us to a world in which we are in tune with the elemental and emotional rhythms of the earth, the Great Mother.

  She confronts a psychic rupture in the telling of our stories. ‘His’ story has been told for many a year, now it is time to tell ‘Her’ story, not in isolation but as part of a harmonic whole.


   At the heart of this work is Helen’s instinctive connection to a native and natural sense of the feminine, a sense of an elemental womanhood.

  ‘As women we naturally synchronise with the rhythms of the earth, the seasons of the year and the cycles of the moon’.

There is the lore, a telling of tales that shape this awareness of being a woman. Recalling the memories of that awareness connects us to all other women.

By connecting to the source and by sharing the experience in the ritualised telling of these stories, we achieve a sense of balance and harmony, and a healing of the spirit of wo/man.