I am an Artist, a Wedding Celebrant and in recent years I have also begun to facilitate a ‘Women’s Drumming Circles’. I am based in Milltown Co.Kerry.
I’m also a frame drumming enthusiast, a mother and a grandmother.

I developed a love for art at a very young age and would draw on anything and everything that I could find.

However, this wasn’t always met with the appreciation I had hoped for. Throughout my school days my passion for expression and art stayed with me which led me to following the dream I had of studying Fine Art in the Sligo Institute of Technology for four years.

My creative work took a hiatus for a few years when my four beautiful daughters arrived on the scene and it took quite a few years before I was able to return to my passion for art, painting and drawing.

On my return journey to my art, I had several successful solo and group exhibitions in Kerry, Cork and Dublin while continuing to develop and change as an artist.

Helen O'Sullivan Artist

I strive to create images from an emotional landscape of myth, magic, and folklore. At the heart of my work is my instinctive connection to a native and natural sense of the feminine, a sense of an elemental womanhood.

I want to confront the psychic rupture in the telling of women’s stories throughout history by tuning into the emotional rhythms of the earth and the Great Mother.

As women we naturally synchronise with the rhythms of the earth, the seasons of the year and the cycles of the moon’’.

History is rich with stories and memories of the belief that the land is female and was once respected as the Great Mother. In the pre-Celtic and Celtic eras in Ireland this fundamental belief evolved into the worship of the ever changing face of the Goddess throughout the year and the land. The re-telling of these stories and long held beliefs can tap into a source of forgotten female empowerment.


I have always been fascinated with the sound of the drum. When listening to a group playing music, it was always the rhythm of the drum that would grab my attention before anything else..

When I was introduced to Shamanic frame drumming, at a workshop several years ago, I realised the powerful role that drumming plays in both journeying and meditation and its significance in ritual and ceremony. More importantly, the process of feeling completely immersed in the rhythm and pulse of the drum, is incredibly good fun.

In addition to practicing drumming daily, I also facilitate a ‘Women’s Drumming Circle’ at my home in Milltown. This is a safe space where women can feel comfortable to drum in a group and to actively practice drumming mediation.

Ritual and Ceremony play a sacred part in people’s lives and has done so for thousands of years. These practices are a common feature in people’s lives, to celebrate and honour pivotal points in their lifetimes, in all cultures.

As someone who has always been interested in Ritual and Ceremony, I made the easy decision to train and to become a celebrant with Spiritual Ceremonies Ireland in 2015, and have been regularly performing legally binding Wedding Ceremonies ever since.

In addition to performing legally binding Wedding Ceremonies, I also perform and facilitate Wedding Blessings, Renewal of Vows, Baby Naming Ceremonies and Funeral or ‘Celebration of Life’ Ceremonies.

I enjoy being part of these very special occasions in people’s lives and I feel incredibly honoured when requested to facilitate them.

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Mythical Artist

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