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I'm sitting here reviewing my life as an artist. All I want to do is just 'paint' and nothing more. The business side of art seems so alien to me. If I had the money to hire someone to look after the promotion, advertising and exhibiting of my work, it just would be wonderful but at the moment that is not possible. But having said that there is a part of me that knows that I need to be able to do this myself and to know how to do it. It is important groundwork. So I have decided to take part in the upcoming Christmas markets and exhibitions. The first one to start is the Wine and Art charity event which is happening this Saturday Nov 24th in the Malton Hotel Killarney, Co.Kerry. The following day in the same place I'm taking part in the Christmas craft fair. At this craft fair (and all the other craft fairs) I will have a selection of greeting cards and bookmarks with images of my paintings. Also I will have some limited edition prints for sale as well.

On Dec 2nd you will see me at the Craft Fair in the Carlton Hotel Tralee, Co Kerry.

On Dec 9th I wiil have a stall at the Food and Craft Fair in Carroll's Cove near Caherdaniel, Co. Kerry

 As you can see I'm doing my best in learning the trade. So for now I'm focusing on the business side of things but when Christmas is over it will be back to dreaming my paintings through once more. Bliss !!

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